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Etapp 7 - Västra Vätterleden
First Camp Hökensås - Fagerhult

Easy hike, 17 kilometers, approximately 3.5 hours.

This stage offers an unusually easy hiking experience in a beautiful landscape dominated by pine forests, gentle hills, and a string of wonderfully serene, velvety-blue forest lakes. The lakes are stocked with game fish, providing a unique opportunity to combine hiking with fishing. The stage works perfectly as a more relaxed full-day trip and can also be combined with connecting stages for those seeking a longer excursion.

Quick facts

Stage: Stage 7
Length: 17 km
Time: Approximately 3.5 hours, 1 day
Start/End: First Camp Hökensås - Fagerhult
Difficulty level: Easy
Terrain: The trail follows good paths and easier forest roads

Map to print out:


Digital map:


Fact about the trail



Approximate times:

Approximately 3.5 hours, 1 day.

The time on your hike will vary depending on how fast you walk, how much gear you carry, how many and how long breaks you take, your level of experience, and weather conditions. You can expect to cover approximately 3 kilometers per hour, but depending on the terrain and the aforementioned factors, you may walk longer or shorter distances per hour.


Marked in orange.

The trail is marked with the color orange on trees, posts, and arrows.

Level of difficulty:


The trail is classified as easy.

Start and end:


Stage 7 starts at First Camp Hökensås, which is a year-round open campsite and cabin area.


Stage 7 concludes in Fagerhult.




How to get here:

Public transportation

The stage starting point has bus connections to/from Tidaholm - Hökensås, Västtrafik. How do you handle bicycles on board? Read more here>>


TRAVEL PLANNER Jönköping County Public Transportation>>


You can easily reach Tidaholm by car. Tidaholm is located approximately 60 minutes north of Jönköping, about 30 minutes east of Falköping, and approximately 30 minutes south of Skövde.


A map to print out

A printable map is available for download as a PDF. You can also obtain a map at the tourist office in Tidaholm.

PDF map>>

Digital map

You can find our map online using Google Maps.

Online map>>

The Stages of Västra Vätterleden

Västra Vätterleden offers a delightful hike where you have the opportunity to experience beautiful, diverse, and historical surroundings. The entire trail consists of 195 kilometers of hiking divided into eight stages. The trail starts in Karlsborg municipality (stages 1-3), goes through Tibro, Hjo (stages 4-5), Tidaholm (stages 6-7), Habo (stage 7), and Mullsjö municipality (stage 8).


The trail follows flat sandy plateaus and hills with minimal elevation changes. Stage 7 is very easy to hike, and since the terrain lacks boulder moraine, it's also easy to make detours in the forested landscape. The trail follows well-marked paths and straightforward forest roads.


There is a wind shelter at Vitsjön, and there is also the option for alternative accommodation at the end of the stage at First Camp Hökensås, which is a year-round open campsite and cabin area.

Stay overnight in Tidaholm>>

Water quality

The water in lakes and watercourses along the trail generally maintains a high quality. However, as continuous water samples are not taken, no guarantees can be provided. If you are unsure, it is advisable to boil or filter the water.

Report errors along the trail

Has a tree fallen along the trail, is a sign damaged, or a boardwalk broken? Inform Tidaholm Municipality so they can address issues along the trail. Here is the link to report problems: 

Fault report>>

Would you like to know what you can see and do?

Do you want tips on accommodation, dining options, or are you wondering what there is to see and do in Tidaholm? Tidaholm Tourist Office will be happy to assist you with your questions and can also send you a physical map if you wish.

Contact Tidaholm Tourist Office via email at turistbyran@tidaholm.se or by phone at 0502-60 62 08.

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