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Kungslena kyrka

A medieval church in a historic milieu

The church in Kungslena village is unique in many ways. It was built during the middle ages and has three towers which symbolise three medieval kings.

An historic church

Kungslena church was built in the 1200s by King Erik the XI. He built the church in memory of his father’s victory in the battle at Lena of 1208. Before the battle an old wooden stave church stood on this spot. It was burned down by the Danes in the battle.


Three unique towers

The design of the church with the three towers is unique. When the church was built there were no towers, not until 1258. At that time, the then Swedish king, Birger Jarl, met his son-in-law King Håkan of Norway and the future King Valdemar of Denmark, in Kungslena church. In memory of this meeting the three “king’s towers” were built onto the church. The central tower, which is the largest, symbolises Birger Jarl.  


Historical inventory

In Kungslena church there are large detailed paintings from 1749. Under these, paintings from the 1400s remain. An image of the Madonna in wood, from the middle of the 1200s has become a symbol of the church, and is often shown in pictures when the church is described. Two fixtures from the old church that was burned down, the font from the 1100s as well as the door to the sacristy, are still part of today´s church interior.       

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