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Sivans Osthandel
Stora Levene/vara

A paradise for cheese-lovers

The Varaslätten plain in Västergötland is home to a paradise for all cheese-lovers. This is where award-winner Sivan and her family mature their cheeses, which are appreciated by restaurateurs and the public alike.

Handing down the craft of artisan cheese-making

Producing tasty, mature hard cheeses requires artisan skills and this craft is being safeguarded by Sivans Osthandel. The family has been involved in cheese-maturing for five generations, since 1875. Sivan has received a number of awards for her unique know-how in maturing cheese.

The company is certified by Smaka på Västsverige (A Taste of West Sweden). This certification encompasses restaurants, producers and farm shops that offer sustainable and authentic products and food experiences from West Sweden based on seasonal local ingredients.

Sivans Osthandel gives added flavour

Sivans Osthandel on Stora Torget in Vara is a year-round shop offering a large selection of matured cheeses. As they mature, the aroma intensifies and the flavour becomes richer and sometimes nutty, tangy, fruity or sweet. Choose from classics such as Prästost, Cheddar, Svecia or Billinge and enjoy a fully loaded cheese board. In winter Sivans Julost is a must! The shelves are filled with crispbread and crackers from Sivan’s small-scale bakery, made using local ingredients. And as Sivan’s motto about the good things in life says: “Ä dä ente gött kan dä lika gärna kvetta” (If it’s not good, then why bother with it, or, in other words, good quality is what counts)!

Contact information

Sivans Osthandel

Stora Torget

53431 Vara

Phone: +46 512 204 55

E-mail: sofia@sivansost.se

Website: sivansost.se