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    Welcome to West Sweden


West Sweden in 4 min

We love this film from West Sweden! Join us as we experience the regions of Bohuslän, Dalsland, Västergötland and the city of Gothenburg; from early spring watching the cranes dance at Lake Hornborga, to summertime adventures at the salty west coast, to Christmas festivities on islands, in palaces and at amusement parks.

21 must-see sights and attractions

Major events 2016 in Gothenburg and West Sweden

Swedes love a fika

You might not have heard of the word fika but when you come to West Sweden you are going to love doing it, sometimes three times per day, just like Swedes.


Gothenburg is encircled by rocky shoreline, deep forests, tranquil lakes and the surging sea to the west. No other Swedish city gives such easy access to nature. Right on the doorstep are wide open spaces and magical islands.

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Discover West Sweden

It's no exaggeration to say that West Sweden has something for every sense and every taste. From the vibrant city of Gothenburg you can quickly escape to the plains of Västergötland, packed with history and tradition, continue to Bohuslän's windblown fishing villages and granite coastline, before heading inland to Dalsland - the wilderness region closest to central Europe.

What's on!

Our editors give you their hottest tips on what to see and do right now. Large or small scale - the main thing is that it's brilliant.

Canoe in West Sweden

Find peace and tranquility in one of Dalsland's beautiful lakes or historic canals. Or head to Bohuslän for pristine national parks, cosy boathouses, wild waters, calm canals and magical scenery. West Sweden offers excellent canoeing for everyone.

Hike in West Sweden

Cycling in West Sweden

Find your dream accommodation

Island and coastal communities in Bohuslän

Book West Sweden

Here you can book packages and offers for gorgeous accommodation, exciting activities and delicious food. We've stocked up on all sorts of superb experiences for you.


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