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Photographer: Josephine Almankis


Try fishing in one of our lakes

Alingsås municipality has the advantage of having many lakes, which means there are plenty of fishing opportunities. Dare to try the fish luck in Alingsås.

Welcome to try the fish luck

In Alingsås lakes there is a rich variety of different species of fish. For more information, contact the Hunting & Fishing store in Alingsås, located on Drottninggatan 14, or read more at www.ifiske.se. Note that it is forbidden to fish with a net in Alingsås.

Our lakes

Anten - Lake Anten is 10 km northwest of Alingsås and is a very fishy lake. In addition to the lake there is also a commercial salmon farming. Visit www.anten.se to se where you can buy your fishing license.

Stora & Lilla FärgenThese lakes offers scenic surroundings and attracts more than just fishing, why not pick the berries on the way home? Fishing license is available at www.ifiske.se 

MjörnLake Mjörn is a fishy lake and is usually sometimes resembled an inland sea. And it can be windy fast. Here are many beautiful islands and islands to visit.  Visit the website, www.fiskekort.se/mjornfvo to see where you can buy fishing licenses.

Ömmern, Ören, Nären - The Lakes, Ömmern, Ören, Nären are lakes that truly invite wildlife. Here there are fireplaces and wind shelters to stop at and cook the fish. Have respect for nature. Fishing licenses are available at www.ifiske.se

Gerdsken - In the lake Gerdsken it is free to fish. Eel and carp taken up should be immediately released into the water.


MAP over Alingsås to see where the lakes are 

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