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  • Welcome to Alingsås!

Discover the culture of Fika

The café and fika culture in Alingsås originates from the Industrial revoluion in the 1700s, when the women were driven into the workplace. To this day, the culture of cafés and fika is strong in the city. Explore the cozy courtyards, local markets, restaurants and cafés around the city. It's fika time!

Guided Fika tour

Take part of a 90 minute guided Fika tour around the city. You will visit some of the town's cafés and of course, sample the good stuff. How delicious doesn't Swedish cinnamon buns, biscuits, chocolate truffles, pastries and sandwiches sound?

Upcoming events

There are a lot of events taking place in Alingsås every year, some of them being one of Sweden's largest city festivals, musical performances and several sports events. What's happening during your visit?

Shopping in Alingsås

Alingsås is a historic merchant town that has enthusiastically embraced shopping. Depending on what you are looking for, you will find find a vibrant city centre with unique boutiques and shops as well as shopping centres with international brands.

Shopping areas

In Alingsås there is a variety of shopping. Choose from the local and unique boutiqes or visit one of the three shopping centres in Alingsås; Bolltorp, Storken and Vimpeln.

Travelling by car?

If you visit Alingsås by car and need parking space, there are about 800 toll-free parking spaces in the city centre and approximately 1,200 in the near vicinity.

Alingsås For Kids

Alingsås is a town for the children! Here you will find activities, swimming and adventure in an environment where children always come first! Alingsås offer a lot of different activities and events for the children.


There are several playgrounds in and around the city centre. Take a look at our map to see where you can find them.

Meet the locals

Fika with Gunilla or take a walk with Anna and her dog. You pick!

Gräfsnäs Park

The area around lake Anten and Gräfsnäs Castle Park, 20 minutes by car from Alingsås, is worth a visit. Here you will find a museum railway, formations from the...

Retro Route

The Retro Route offer a retrospective view at the design, fashion, trends and technology from the 1950’s to the 1970’s. Along the Retro Route many treasures...


Bjärke is an old district in the northern part of the Alingsås municipality and consists of the resorts Sollebrunn, Gräfsnäs, Stora Mellby, Skinny, Långared and Gendalen with the surrounding countryside. Loo, Kvarnabo, Anten and Lagmansered can also be included here.

Our beautiful nature

We have a lot of beautiful nature here in Alingsås. Many lakes near the city where you can walk around, take a bath or just breathe.