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A mum and her two kids are exploring the life circles of a tree in the woods.

Photographer: Tobias Andersson

The BillingeTroll Trail

Follow a magical trail in the footsteps of the Billinge Troll!

Each morning before the sun comes up, the Billinge Troll walks along his own trail. The Billinge Troll is a shy creature who lives among the fir trees in the forest, and sometimes in his cave at the Skogsmulle Kingdom. The Billinge Troll cares about nature, animals and Billinge Mountain. His best friends are the small balls of moss which are most at home on Bläng Bog, but which often come here to the forest.


Follow in the footsteps of the Billinge Troll. Along the trail, there are a number of stations where you can carry out fun and exciting activities. Each station has a lidded box, inside which the Billinge Troll has left you a task to carry out. At four of the stations, you can stamp a card that you collect from the box at the beginning of the trail. 

To find your way around, follow the path marked with yellow rings and a black troll, and the Billinge Troll’s own wooden arrows. Once you have collected all the stamps, your reward awaits you in the Billinge Troll’s cave. The Billinge Troll Trail is 2.6 kilometres long. Start at Strupen next to the car park at Billingebadet. See a map. The path is hilly, so bringing prams is not recommended. 

The Billinge Troll Trail was funded by Rotary and Berndt Carlsson in association with Skövde Municipality.