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Photographer: Stefan Nordkvist

Canal Cruises

  • 04 Apr, 2016

Experience Göta Canal and its gorgeous views from a boat perspective - travel on a long cruise or shorter daytrips. Travel between Karlsborg and Töreboda onboard on M/S Sandön, take the M/S Modig across Vättern from Karlsborg to Motala, or try one of the cruise boats Juno, Diana and Wilhelm Tham - that makes stops in Forsvik and at Karlsborgs fortress, amongst other places, on their way between Gothenburg and Stockholm.

Observe that you can't join Juno, Diana or Wilhelm Tham in Karlsborg or Forsvik, these tours only take passengers from their start location.

Timetable Sandön

Timetable Modig

Timetable Juno, Diana, Wilhelm Tham (Strömma)