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Photographer: Johannes Berner

Nellie´s Café & Diner

American diner in a Swedish cultural landscape

On the popular ”Retro route” along County Road 190 is Nellie’s Café & Diner – a ”Swedish-American joint” offering American dishes prepared with locally produced ingredients. Discover a village shop and filling station that still look like back in the ”retro days”.

Swedish ingredients and American flavours

You get to Nellie's Café & Diner in Sjövik outside Lerum by driving along the scenic shore of Lake Mjörn on ”Retro route 190”. Turn off at the genuine-Americana filling station, step into the retro-decorated diner and enjoy American dishes prepared with Swedish ingredients in a selection that follows the seasons as well as the mood. The menu includes Nellie’s burger, Texas-inspired stew, artisanal pizza and key lime pie as well as fish soup and Västerbotten cheese pie with seaweed caviar.


All the dishes are entirely prepared in the kitchen, and the café offers home-made bread, delicious pastries and ice cream. The locally brewed beer is served from old petrol pumps, and Nellie’s adheres to a no-waste principle whereby all ingredients are utilised as fully as possible.

Filling station and village shop from 1905

Customers have shopped at the counter of Hagströms Lanthandel since 1905, and the earliest automobiles refuelled at the historic filling station using gravity instead of pumps. If you ask nicely you may even get personal filling service. The ground floor and terrace have disabled access, and there is an exterior wheelchair lift.


Retro route 190

Nellie’s Diner is located along County Road 190 – an oasis along ”Sweden’s Route 66”. This section of the road is also known as the Retro route, and is lined with genuine and retro-inspired establishments in the idyllic rural landscape.


Contact information

Nellie´s Café & Diner

Östadsvägen 367

443 74 Sjövik

Phone: +46 302-451 97

E-mail: hello@nelliesdiner.se

Website: nelliesdiner.se/