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Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Pathfinder Travels

Hiking in magnificent countryside with good food and comfortable accommodation

Pathfinder Travels have a genuine interest in nature, which shows in all their arrangements, both large and small! So put on your walking shoes and discover the lovely scenery along the Gotaleden footpath from central Gothenburg to Alingsås. Comfortable accommodation and locally produced food make the experience even better.

Gotaleden: Scenic footpath from Gothenburg to Alingsås

Pathfinders’ goal is to deliver a big experience with high quality to small groups of people. Join them in the great outdoors and enjoy their wide range of offers, from group walks to company trips. Starting off from the centre of Gothenburg, there is a wonderful route on the new Gotaleden that takes you all the way to Alingsås - or the other way around. The 71-kilometre path is divided into several scenic sections, where you can arrive or depart using environmentally friendly trains or buses.


Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Packaged nature and culture experiences, complete with culinary delights

You will have a "close-to-nature experience" to look forward to when you book a guided group walk. If you want to walk the whole path in one go, you should count on it taking three or four days. If you would rather have a more concentrated weekend experience from Friday to Sunday, the section from Jonsered to Alingsås is recommended.

You will pass through the Säveån nature reserve and its shimmering waterways along this route, where you have good chances of spotting beavers, dippers, kingfishers and grey wagtails. The steep rocks around lake Aspen are very impressive and the area around Nääs Castle is surrounded by majestic beech and oak woods.

Forest trekking with Pathfinder Travels.

Photographer: Nicke Sundström

Your luggage is taken to your accommodation by car, so you only need to carry a light rucksack with equipment and food for the day. At the end of a day’s walk you’ll sleep well in a comfortable bed after enjoying a locally sourced, delicious dinner. Food, accommodation and the full range of packages are described in more detail on Pathfinder's website.
It only remains to start the journey!

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