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Photographer: Ulf Svane

Shopping in Lysekil

Lysekil is not just a summer city. Here you will find shopping and open shops all year round. It is also perfect for combining the shopping trip with food or coffee.

The city center and shopping area consists mainly of Kungsgatan and Kungstorget in the middle of the city. Here you will find everything from bookstores and art to clothing and jewelry. At Kungsgatan there is also Lysekils city library and a cinema. There are also several stores in Södra hamnen and along Drottninggatan, which runs between Södra and Norra Hamen.

In this area there are also several restaurants and cafes. These are also open all year round. The fact that the city is situated close to the sea can be seen both on the menu and on the environment. Being crazy about fish, Lysekil is perfect for combining food and shopping. And for those who do not want seafood, there is always something to find in restaurants or the cozy cafes and patisseries.

Thanks to Lysekil's wide range in the center, the city is the perfect visitor destination, not only during the summer, but also the rest of the year.

In the summer, the city is full of life and people in motion throughout the city center. In the autumn, central Lysekil is perfect for taking a stroll on the cobblestone streets, a stop for coffee at one of the many cafés and the opportunity to experience during Lysekils new culture week. During the winter there are plenty of Christmas shopping and boxing week sales. In addition, you should never miss the cozy Christmas market in mid December. When spring comes to Lysekil, the City park begins to bloom and the birds start to tweet. Perfect to buy an ice cream, a book or maybe a take-away coffee and sit down among trees and flowers and enjoy.