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Photographer: Regina Cederfeldt

Vägeröd - Sälvik

Nature reserve rich in blue anemones

Vägeröd is a nature reserve on Skaftö and also one of the most visited hiking destinations. There is a sea of spring flowers in April and May, beautiful beech forests and inviting walking paths. Most famous is the area for the the abundance of blue anemones in the spring.


Quick facts

Length: 2.4 km


Timing: 40 min


Difficulty: Both moderate and demanding


Terrain: The old country road from Vägeröd to Sälvik with a nature trail in the lower area


The blue anemones in Vägeröd nature reserve

Vägeröd is one of the most popular hiking destinations on Skaftö. Above all blue anemones blossom in incredible quantities and different colours in the spring. Small signs show the way to the anemones when they bloom in the southern parts of the area. Toothwort and lots of white anemones also grow here. Beautiful beech and oak trees dominate the forest in the nature reserve.

Beautiful hiking trail filled with cultural history

The Coastal Path winds around in the area of ​​Vägeröd. From the car park at Vägeröd, the old country road also leads to Edsvattnet and Sälvik. Along the leafy old road and down towards the small car park by Edsvattnet and out towards the blue anemones, there are several interesting cultural monuments.

Edsvattnet with beaver and picnic

Beavers live down by the lake Edsvattnet and leave clear traces. By the lake Edsvattnet there is a little picnic area with two old logs to sit on. Remember the right of public access: take only photos and leave nothing but footprints - no rubbish. Cold winters, when the lake freezes, it is good to go skating on the lake.

Fact about the trail


2,4 km

Approximate times:

40 minutes


Partly the blue-marked coastal trail Kuststigen. At he area for the blue anemones there is no marking. However, in the spring, there are small signs blåsippor pointing towards the concentration of blue anemones.

Level of difficulty:

The old road is wide and easy to walk. When you step off from it towards the area for blue anemones, you will walk a simple path which can be difficult to walk. There is a short steep climb. You will step over logs, climb over rocks and walk through through some bushes.

Start and end:

Start at the parking area at Vägeröd

End at the small parking area at Edsvattnet, Sälvik.

How to get here:

There are two possibilities to reach the area, either via Vägeröd or via Edsvattnet Sälvik:

There is a road sign between Östersidan and the bridge to Skaftö,indicating Vägeröd dalar. There is also the bus stop Vägeröd (Västtrafik 845). The small parking area is located at the end of the road.

Turn towards the riding school between Östersidan and Fiskebäckskil. There is also the bus stop Sälvik västra (Västtrafik 845). Drive past the riding school and turn left. The road ends at the small car park by Edsvattnet.


You can find a route map on Google maps and if you want a printed map, it is available at Infopoints in Lysekil municipality.

If you are interested in more scenic hikes on Skaftö - check out Skaftö – en livslång kärlek with a map which is also printable.

Contact information

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