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City Walks

A mix of culture and nature

Around the city of Lysekil meanders four city walks where you get to see and experience the most beautiful and interesting sites and monuments. The routes vary from 2 to 5.5 km and are all marked with signs. You can get further information at the tourist information, located at Havets Hus during the winter months and at Rosvikstorg during the summer.

Blue walk, Childrens quiz - 1.9 km

On the blue walk, you will stroll from Rosvikstorg, through Havsbadsområdet, past Havets Hus and towards the church of Lysekil and the observation tower, from where you have a fantastic view over the whole city and the sea. This route also offers a fun quiz where kids can answer various questions during the walk. The questions can be found online, and afterwards you can come to the tourist information for your reward!  

Grey walk, Cultural promenade - 3.7 km

This promenade departs from Rosvikstorg, past Kungsgatan through the old town, the Northern Harbour and Ålevik. From there you will walk up to Badhusberget, with a fantastic view of the sea. The walk then continues down to the Center and back to Rosvikstorg.

Red walk, granite promenade - 4 km

The red walk meanders from Rosvikstorg, through the guest harbour, past the aquarium Havets Hus, towards Vikarvets Heritage Museum. Here you can choose either to climb out over the stunning granite cliffs or choose a more accessible walk, both with amazing views overlooking the sea and the maritime entrance to Lysekil. The walk then leads to Campus Väst, through the old town, over Kungsgatan ending back at Rosvikstorg. The red promenade offers a quiz. The questions are found online and afterwards, you can come to the tourist information for your reward!

Green walk, the long walk, 5,5 km

The Green walk is the longest of all the City walks. Here you will go from Rosvikstorg, across Kungstorget towards Långevik and Valbodalen. From there, follow the trail to an amazing viewpoint that is one of the highest points of Lysekil, where you see all over the city, the sea, and in clear weather all the way to Smögen. From here, walk further down towards Valbogatan, the old rail station and end your walk at Rosvikstorg. 

Information about the City Walks are available in Arabic, English and Swedish.

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