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Photographer: Lotta Samuelsson

Biking along Göta Canal
Sjötorp - Mem

One of Sweden´s most popular biking trails

Biking along Göta Canal is an wonderful experience suitable for the whole family. Long sections are completely free of car traffic.

The trail is easy to cycle with very little height difference. Along the dug part of the canal you cycle on the narrow road next to the canal, which was used by oxen and horses that pulled the sailboats through the canal.  

The bike ride, long and short, is an experience for the whole family. Along the way you pass by cosy towns and villages with cafes, restaurants, accommodation, museums and other activities. Do not miss the fascinating lock opening when boats are passing by.

Boat transport over the lakes
Most common is to cycle between Sjötorp and Karlsborg or between Motala and Söderköping/Mem. If you want to cycle along the whole canal from Sjötorp to Mem you can take the public road north of lake Vättern for about 110 kilometers. There are boat transportation available across lake Vättern, Roxen and Asplången. All the boats needs to be booked in advance. Find more information here!

Bring bicycle on passenger boats 
Most of the passenger boats allow bicycles onboard for an extra fee. However, this does not apply to M/S Diana, Juno and Wilhelm Tham, who does not take on board new passengers during the trip.

Bicycle distance

Sjötorp - Karlsborg, 75 km

Sjötorp - Lyrestad 7,0
Lyrestad - Norrkvarn 2,0
Norrkvarn - Hajstorp 5,2
Hajstorp - Töreboda 4,4
Töreboda - Vassbacken 10,8
Vassbacken - Tåtorp 5,5
Tåtorp - Forsvik (around lake Viken) 30,0, public road
Forsvik - Karlsborg 10,0, public road

Motala - Mem, 120 km

Motala - Borensberg (around lake Boren) 20,0, public road
Borensberg - Berg 20,0
Berg - Norsholm (north of lake Roxen) 35,3, (south of lake Roxen) 49,7, public road
Norsholm - Brådtom sluss 3,0
Brådtom sluss - Hulta sluss 3,0
Hulta - Snövelstorp (north of lake Asplången) 5,0, partial forest road
Asplången - Söderköping 11,0
Söderköping - Mem 6,0

Göta Canal is open May-September, but the biking trail is available all year. 

Contact information

AB Göta kanalbolag

Box 3

591 21 Motala

Phone: +46 141 20 20 50

E-mail: info@gotakanal.se

Website: gotakanal.se