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Photographer: Elisabet Johansson

Karleby church site

A piece of Mariestad´s history

A few kilometers south of Mariestad´s city center in Karleby is an old church site. For more than 1000 years ago, this was the location for one of Sweden´s first churches. Today you can se the traces of two old churches at the same spot. A peak into the exciting history of Mariestad!

Back in 1986 the foundation of a church was found on a field near the village Karleby. Over the next years traces from two different churches and a cemetery were discovered. The cemetery contained around 1500 graves.

The first church has been dated to somewhere around year 1000. Together with a church in Varnhem (between Skövde and Skara) this is the oldest known church in Sweden. 

At the site there is a wooden cross and a bell tower that can easily be spotted from the road. Visitors can park the car by the field and walk the last bit to the church site.  

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