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Photographer: Anna Söderman

Karströms bookstore

Bookstore in central Mariestad

Karströms bookstore has been in Mariestad since 1844. It is a well-stocked bookshop with something for everyone.

On the pedestrian street in the center of Mariestad, you will find the long-standing Karströms Bokhandel (Bookshop). Books have been sold here since the middle of the 19th century. In addition to books, you will of course also find paper, pens, pads, cards, games and much else that is customary for a well-stocked bookstore.

Here you can redeem your Mitt Mariestads gift card.

Contact information

Karströms Bokhandel AB

Österlånggatan 13

54230 Mariestad

Phone: +46 501 100 63

E-mail: kontakt@karstroms.se

Website: karstroms.se