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Photographer: Gert Olsson

Isa af Lygnern

Historical boat tours in a stunning natural setting

A boat tour on eco-friendly ISA af Lygnern around Lake Lygnern offers historical attractions and scenic experiences in this unique fusion of ecotourism, human endeavour, and cultural history. Climb aboard and accompany us on a seasonally themed boat tour or evening cruise.

Take in scenic Lake Lygnern with ecopower

ISA af Lygnern is moored in Sätila, at Europe's longest oak-built jetty. A range of tours are available, or you can experience the area from the shore and visit the various locations and sights along the lake. The eco-friendly electrically powered vessel makes its way almost silently across Lygnern through this unspoilt part of the Municipality of Mark.

Seasonal tours with shellfish and waterfalls

ISA af Lygnern is an excursion and cruise boat with guided tours combined with food and drink. Book a trip around Lake Lygnern. Enjoy a spring, summer or autumn cruise. Or why not take a shellfish cruise? The Ramhulta tour takes you to the Mark Nature Reserve and the striking Ramhulta Falls. From there you can walk back to Sätila through the beautiful lakeside landscape or you can take the boat. It’s also possible to charter the boat for up to 40 passengers (30 seated). The season runs from May 1 to September 30.

A vessel that combines past and present

Between 1889 and 1924 there was a steamer named ISA that operated on Lake Lygnern, sailing from Sätila to Fjärås carrying cargo and passengers. The new ISA af Lygnern was built in 2008. She is the same length as her predecessor, but a metre wider, and she is completely eco-friendly, operating entirely on electric power.


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Isa Af Lygnern


51169 Sätila

Phone: +46 725 20 22 32

E-mail: boka@isaaflygnern.se

Website: isaaflygnern.se/