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Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Walking in Sjuhäradsbygden

There are many scenic walking paths within an hour of Gothenburg, including Sjuhärad Path, Vildmark Path and Hyssna Path.

The area around Borås and its neighbouring municipalities is called Sjuhärad. The countryside here is perfect for walking, with different landscapes and fascinating history to discover. All of the paths have a good standard; they are well-marked, have information signs and nice rest areas.


40 km, moderate

Hyssna Path

Hyssna Path, in Mark municipality, is 40 kilometres long and is suitable for a two-day walk. It is also possible to take short-cuts in several places. The terrain varies between lush forest areas and cultural landscapes that take you back in time. The path is hilly in parts.

74 km, moderate

Sjuhärad Path

The entire Sjuhärad Path is 140 kilometres long and passes through five municipalities. The path is divided into ten sections that take you through woodlands, agricultural landscapes and urban spaces. The path is part of the European long-distance path 1, which starts in Italy and ends in North Cape.

8 km, moderate

Vildmark Path Årås

The hostel called Årås Kvarn lies midway between Ulricehamn and Mullsjö, and is the start and end of the 8.5 kilometre long Vildmark Path. You pass through ancient forests, pastureland and a huge bog during the walk. Swimming is recommended in lake Jogen in the summer.

1-5 km, easy

Hofsnäs nature paths

The peninsula by Torpanäset nature reserve in Tranemo municipality is a beautiful area, consisting of an open oak landscape and pastures with grazing animals. There are different loops to choose from, the longest being 4.8 kilometres. Take the opportunity to see Torpa Stenhus nearby, a manor house from the 16th...

2-5 km, easy

Vänga mosse (Vänga Path)

The 4.9-kilometre-long path by Vänga Mosse, just north of Borås, offers easy walking in an open landscape. It is a family-friendly circular walk that includes two birdwatching towers and a nearby mill with a café. Part of the walk follows a wide, handicap-accessible wooden decking.

49 km, moderate

Åsunden Path

Åsunden Path is a 49-kilometre-long path that goes around lake Åsunden in the municipality of Ulricehamn. It passes through two nature reserves with a beautiful beech forest, several viewpoints, swimming areas and accommodation in the form of campsites, hotels and B&B.