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Beaver Safari

Getting very close to nature

You might spot beavers, badgers and deer while silently floating along the river. A memory for life.

If you enjoy animals, nature and outdoor life, you should try the beaver safari at Herrtorp Mill!

Combine canoeing and beaver watching on the river Flian, 3 miles outside Skara.

We start with a nice meal at Herrtorps Qvarn at 6:00 pm, after which we proceed by car to the safari starting point. The group will then paddle downstream on the river Flian, through a beaver colony, back toward Herrtorp.

As we glide gently down the river towards Lake Hornborga, many species of animals can be spotted along the way. If you´re lucky you can see badgers, deer and kingfisher.

The whole experience ends about 9:30 pm.

Useful information

  • Pre-booking is essential

  • Minimum 6, maximum 11 participants

  • A light pre-departure meal is included

  • Canoes, paddles, and floating devices are provided

  • Maximum two adults per canoe

  • Dress casually

Contact information

Herrtorps Qvarn


532 94 Skara

Phone: +46 511 37 21 73

E-mail: info@herrtorpsqvarn.se

Website: herrtorpsqvarn.se/