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Ice skating on natural ice

Enjoy the landscape from the lake side in winter

Ever tried ice skating on natural ice? If not, there are brilliant opportunities in the Skara area.

Provided there are cold days and no snow, you will be able to enjoy beautiful days on natural ice, while visiting the Skara area in the winter.

A lake for every taste

The range of lakes is large and there is a lake for everyone.

You might have heard of the famous bird lake Hornborgasjön, south east of Skara. It attracts bird watchers and people in general from all of the world, especially in the spring time when the cranes arrive in thousands.
During the winter however, this is the first lake of the larger ones in this area that freezes, since it is also the most shallow one. Ice skating on this lake will take you on a 35 kilometres long ride if you skate around the whole lake. Thee lake has no islands and is only a few kilometres at its broadest point, which makes it a beautiful place with great views on a clear day. Just be aware of the three inflows and its single outflow, where the ice is normally very weak. 

String of lakes

North east of Skara there is a string of lakes, called the Valle lake system. In summer they are known for their many fine spots, suitable for taking a swim and are also liked for their nice fishing waters. 
Visiting this area in winter can be a very enjoyable experience both for ice fishing and ice skating. The lakes are all different in shape, size and depth, which gives you the chance to have a variety of experiences on one day.
If you have the possibility to put one car at the most northern lake and one at the most southern, you can have a whole day experience travelling along the whole lake system, with some short walks in between them.
You find a map of the lake system here: Valle lake system

Don't forget to bring plenty of food and something warm to drink. Always carry proper safety equipment and never go out on the ice alone, natural ice can be very unreliable. And of course it is more fun to share the beautiful moments with good friends!

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