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  • Photographer: Turistrådet Västsverige

Skating on Lake Hornborga

Visit one of Europe´s most fabous bird lakes from the seaside in winter

Ever skated on a famous bird lake? If not, take the chance. And you can start early in the season, since this is one of the first lakes in the area to freeze over, tahnks to its small depth.

Park at naturum Hornborgasjön, then strap on your skates and venture out on the lake. Head south toward Ängsladan, a perfect picnic spot, or north toward Stenum. A natural experience to write home about! 


Please consider the eagle population and avoid skating on the southern parts of the lake (see map below). 


There are several barbecue spots ready to use along the lake, e.g. at naturum and Fäholmen. Kindling is provided. Ideal for barbecuing your lunch or just warming your hands.

Safety first!

Never venture out onto the ice alone! Always bring company, both to share the experience and as security. Don’t forget ice-pick and studs.

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