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Soteleden - a walking path in time and space

Did you know, that the mere sigt of verdure makes us healthier, brisker and merrier? The daylight and the fresh air influence us in a positive way. Outdoor activities improve your concentration as well as your physical fitness. For those who seek a few relaxing and soothing hours, a walk in the nature is extra important. So don´t wait till tomorrow! Go out and enjoy nature today!

Sotenäs community has produced a brochure called "Soteleden" containing information about the Swedish "Open country" together with six map sheets containing descriptions of natural sceneries and places to stay overnight. Th brochure also contains six map sheets over our walkways.

The walkways offer sceneries of different kinds, a mix of forest, rocks and coastline. The nature and the cultural surroundings will instantly take your mind back to the people who lived and toiled in this barren realm of granite.

Th walkways lead you up and down hills and to places with a magnificent view over the sea and the archipelago. You will also walk through peaceful woods, where pine and spruce are mixed with deciduous wood, swamps and heaths.

Along the paths you will find wind shelters and resting cottages with barbeques, where you can have a rest and a meal. You can start your walk via the jogging tracks in our villages or call the Tourist office for more information.


Soteleden is marked by blue-wite markings on trees or poles. You will also find markings on piles of stone. Some sign posts are marked with the name "Kuststigen". Fingerposts tell you where the paths take another direction or cross a sommon road.


You can buy the broschure and maps here:
The Tourist office, in the harbour of Kungshamn
The community house, Parkvägen 46, Kungshamn
Gewerts Bookstore, Kungshamn
The guest harbour, Hunnebostrand
Göstas Shop, Smögen
ICA Tärnan, Bovallstrand
Bohusläns Museum, Uddevalla
The Tourist office, Uddevalla
Bookia, Lysekil
Or call +46 523 66 40 00

You´ll find the map sheets on THIS SIDE, to your right in the orange field, numbred 1-6

Information about the six different walkways (Map sheets)

Map sheet 1 - Bovallstrand and Tossene with surroundings
This walkway takes you up and down hills, here and there with magnificent views over the sea and the archipelago. But it will also take you through peaceful woods, where pine and spruce are mixed with deciduous woods of alder trees, beech trees and oaks. We recommend adventurers to try "Äventyrsslingan" (The advnenture track). Follow the instructions by Sparödsberget.

Map sheet 2 - Ramsvik and Hunnebostrand with surroundings
This path leads you through "the land of cliffs" - the nature reserve by Ramsvik. Are you interested in culture? Then you will find Gammelgården in Hunnebostrand with its stone mason museum worth a visit. (Open summertime)
If you follow the path into the country side, you will walk through deciduous woods and pastures in a somewhat broken ground.

Map sheet 3 - Kungshamn and Smögen with surroundings
Sandön on the island of Smögen is an attracive place for outdoor activities. You are here close to the mighty sea. The path is partly accessible by wheel chairs and prams. Kungshamn has a jogging track that takes you directly to Soteleden. Why not just take a walk along the jogging track, enjoy the lovely nature, and perhaps feed the ducks?
If you choose to walk bethween the villages Kunshamn and Örn, you will get a varied walk through meadows, pastures and swamps with several ponds.

Map sheet 4 - Kisteröd and Åby with surroundings
Here you folllow a path surrounded by sheltering hills with rock vegetation in a well eveloped agricultural area. In the nature reserv Hogsäm - Anneröd you will find Swedens most norherly natural beech forest. The area surrounding Nordens Ark is extremely sensitive. You are not allowed to light a bonfire here at any time of the year. Dogs are not allowed anywhere along the shore of Åbyfjorden and it is not allowed to leave the walking path.

Map sheet 5 - Åbyfjorden and Lyckan with surroundings
This path is both easy to walk and hilly. Around Rödsberget woever, part of the track is very steep. Soteleden starts here by Åby Manor, follows Åbyfjorden and passes Nordens Ark (a zoo for endangered animals from all of the world). This is an extremely sensitive area and you are not allowed to light a fire at any time of the year. Dogs are not allowed her and you may not leave the walking path.

Map sheet 6 - Malmön and Örn with surroundings
The four kilometers long and two kilometers wide island of Malmön has a history strongly associated with the stone cutting period in the late centery. To get to the island you must take the free of charge car ferry which leaves every half hour from Tullboden. From the barren stone pits the path leads you to the peaceful and leafy valleys.

Enjoy Soteleden!