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Hiker at Kuststigen

Photographer: Lukasz Warzecha LWimages Studio


The hiking trails Soteleden and Kuststigen offer varied hiking in a beautiful environment.

SOTELEDEN-KUSTSTIGEN A fantastic coastal and varied hiking trail that stretches through the entire municipality of Sotenäs, from Nordens Ark towards Bovallstrand in the north to Kungshamn/Smögen in the south, and includes the nature reserves Anneröd-Hogsäm, Ramsvik and Bua Hed. Along the trail there are nice viewpoints, ancient remains, overnight cabins and shelters.

Fastest way to Soteleden-Kuststigen: www.sotenas.se/vandra

The Soteleden is also part of the Coastal Path, Kuststigen, which stretches from Tjörn in the south to Strömstad in the north and also into Norway. That's why we call the stretch in Sotenäs the Soteleden-Kuststigen. Link to kuststigen.se

To make it a little easier for you to plan your hike, we here present eight prioritized stages, where Stage 1 starts from Åby Säteri/Nordens Ark towards Anneröd nature reserve, Stage 2 goes on to Bovallstrand. Stage 3 from Bovallstrand to Hunnebostrand. Stage 4 from Hunnebostrand to Ramsvik and the Sotekanalen. Stage 5 goes around Ramsvik, with parking options at Haby in the south and Tångevik in the north. Stage 6 goes from Såtthagen at the football pitch in Väjern to the Tullboden ferry location, via Bua heds nature reserve. Stage 7 goes from the sports field in Kungshamn via Hovenäset and Örn to the Tullboden ferry stop. Take the free car ferry over to Malmö - where Stage 8 goes around Malmö starting at the long-term parking lot near the center. To get around the whole of Sotenäs, you can take a bus from Amborsröd in the middle of stage 6+7 and connect Stage 9 from Lyckan back to Nordens Ark/Åby.

www.sotenas.se/vandra Here you will find your digital map, both for planning but also to take with you during your hike. Keep in mind that this however requires teleservice and that the reception can sometimes be a little uncertain out in the forest, there are maps for printing or GPX files to download.

On Smögen and Kleven there are nice cliff walks that Smögen's Öråd is responsible for, these are marked with white posts. Here are maps and more info: Hike on Smögen

The Västkuststiftelsen manages the hiking trails in the Ramsvikslandets Nature Reserve. More info here: Ramsvikslandets Nature Reserve

Nordens Ark is a good starting point for hiking on the Soteleden and Kuststigen, but there are also nice hikes in the Ekoparken. More info here: Hike in the Ekopark, Nordens Ark

TAKE THE BUS TO THE ADVENTURE. It is easy to get out into nature collectively and easy to find your way. The Sotele trail and the proposed stages are connected by two bus lines with regular bus trips. All starting points are close to a bus stop or parking lot.

Bus 860 goes from Hallinden to Smögen via Nordens Ark, Hovenäset, Kungshamn.

Bus 862 runs from Hallinden to Smögen via Bovallstrand, Hunnebostrand, Väjern and Kungshamn.

Bus 866 runs from Kungshamn-Amborsröd to Bohus-Malmön during the summer. At other times, the tour must be pre-ordered no later than 1 hour before departure by calling 0771-919090

Plan your trip with Västtrafik with The Travel planner

Hiking with accommodation and transport

At several accommodation facilities in Sotenäs, you can book packages with hiking, accommodation and more activities. It is also possible to book a package with Hike without packing, an option for those who want to stay well, hike without your packing, arrive at the accommodation and the packing is in place, eat a good dinner and prepare for a new day of wonderful hiking .

Several accommodation facilities also have hiking packages or activities around hiking:

Ramsvik's Stugby&Camping

Johannesvik Camping

Bohus-Malmöns Pensionat

Hotel Kaprifol, Hunnebostrand

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