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Photographer: Tom Svensson

Bucket list

14 things you can not miss!

NORDENS ARK – not only a zoo – also preserve and care for endangered animals.

TREKKING on SOTELEDEN, 70 kilometers and 21 paths in scenic nature.

A TASTE OF BOHUSLÄN near produced meet, fish and seafood in our restaurants.

BOHUS-MALMÖN rocks and swimming, great nature and stonemasonary-history.

HÅLLÖ and Hållö lighthouse, get here by boat from Smögen or Kungshamn summertime.

RAMSVIK rocks and swimming, great nature, access over the manmade channel Sotekanalen.

KUNGSHAMN always in the center – shops and culture.

SMÖGEN the jetty – intense puls, shopping and great restaurants.

BOVALLSTRAND boathouses and classic cabanas on Badholmarna.

CRABFISHING – from any bridge or rock. Fun for kids of all ages.

HUNNEBOSTRAND stonemasonary, sculpturepark and harbor walk near the boathouses.

FISHING TOURS and fresh seafood. Eat and enjoy.

TUMLAREN, VÄJERN – there is no bad weather. Swim and workout inside Tumlaren.

STAY A LITTLE LONGER – and come back soon.