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Photographer: Okänd

Sotenäs - a part of Bohuslän

Welcome to Sotenäs, a fantastic string of typical seaside communities in Bohuslän!

In Sotenäs you´ll find picturesque Bovallstrand, granite centre of Hunnebostrand, town centre Kungshamn and the islands Smögen and Malmön.

The magnificent archipilago and barren cliffs best experienced by taking a part in activities at or by the sea - such as boating, hiking, climbing and of course, sunbathing and swimming.

Hållö island, with it´s beautiful lighthouse, hostel and amazing swimming spots, attracts lots of visitors, as does Nordens Ark animal park for endangered animals.

Photographer: Conny Hansson

Our nature reserves offer you spectacular walks on Ramsvik, the realm of the cliffs, or peaceful walks in the forests, where pine and spruce are mixed with deciduous forest and where lilac heater colours and smooths of the granite landscape.

Soteleden covers a distance of about 60 km through hilly ground with marvellous views over the archipelago. Ancient remains are spread over the area, reminding you about old times.

The puls of the long jetty in the harbor of Smögen attracts many tourists. In the daytime the jetty swarming with people who strolling, peeping into the little shops or galleries, or just taking a cup of coffee and viewing the harbor. From here you can take a trip out into the archipelago. In the evenings people gathering in pubs and restaurants dancing and listening to music all night long.

Sotenäs is a place to visit all year around. In summer it´s a lot of tourists, but many prefer to have a stay when it´s more calm. 

Population about 9 000
Distance to Gothenburg 130 km
Distance to Olso 200 km

Please contact the Tourist information for more information!
+46 523 66 55 50