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Photographer: Elin Larsgren

Discover Smögen by sea kayak

Half day tour in open water

That Smögen is a popular holiday destination will not be news to anyone who lives in Sweden, but it may not be so common to see Smögen from a kayak. Don’t miss the opportunity to book this magical kayak trip!

Quick facts

Distance: 5 km (2.7 Nautical miles)

Length: Half day

Suitable for: Experienced kayakers

Conditions: Open water, marine environment



You’ve never seen Smögen like this before!

The outdoor activity company Smögen Dyk & Upplevelse suggests a unique kayak trip if you would like to see Smögen from a different perspective. You set sail from the floating pier at Smögen Dyk & Upplevelse, which is located on the Kleven peninsula.

Once you are waterborne and feel ready, you paddle west and around Kleven. If you look out to see you will the Hållö lighthouse. At this point the route crosses open water and can be a bit bumpy for a while.

Photographer: Åsa Dahlgren


Head for the beach at Sandö

Paddle towards Vallevik which is one of the most popular bathing spots on Smögen, here the cliffs are completely smooth and fantastically beautiful. Then you continue into the strait towards Smögen's popular harbour where you can check out the crowd on the pier. Keep an eye on other boats as there can be a lot of traffic in the harbour.

Paddle under the Smögen bridge and on towards Hasselösund where you pass a narrow channel with picturesque houses. From here you can paddle to the beach at Sandö where you can go ashore with your coffee for a break.

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Photographer: Kristina Gillerstedt

End the day with a sauna

When you turn back, aim for Hasselösund again and then further towards Kungshamn before paddling back towards Smögens Dyk. This part of the route is much busier so stay close to land and keep an eye out for other boats.

After the kayaking, there is the opportunity to rent a sauna and jacuzzi to add a little luxury to the experience.

Photographer: Jonas Ingman @ Bruksbild

Rent a kayak


Tips on food and accommodation at Smögen





Route information

5 km (2.7 nautical miles) depending on route options.

Approximate time:
Half day

Open water, marine environment.

Take note:
Remember to take drinking water and life vest along with mobile phone and extra clothes in a waterproof bag or container. Check the weather forecast so you can be prepared. 

If you have previous kayaking experience and know rescue procedures, we recommend that you rent a kayak and explore our beautiful archipelago. If you have no previous experience we strongly recommend that you start with a beginner’s course before heading out.

The degree of difficulty is largely dependent on the wind. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • 1-3 m/s: Light breeze
  • 4-6 m/s: Gentle breeze
  • 7-9 m/s: Fresh breeze
  • 10-12 m/s: Strong breeze
  • 13- m/s: High wind (not recommended)

Suitable for:
Experienced kayakers

Start and finish: 
Smögens Dyk, Kleven, Smögen.

Klevenvägen 30, 456 51 Smögen. Map.

Routemap for the kayak tour on Google Maps.


Contact information

Smögen Dyk & Upplevelse

Kleven 30

45651 Smögen

Phone: +730 53 74 75

E-mail: info@smogendyk.se

Website: smogendyk.se/