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Explore the uniqe archipelago of Bohuslän, the wild and genuine nature in Dalsland or maybe go canoeing in Lake Vänern - the largest lake in Sweden. West Sweden is the place to be when you want to get close to nature, either in a canoe or in a kayak.


Facing Waves

Now the whole world is going to have its eyes opened to the unique and fantastic paddling opportunities there are in West Sweden. The American TV programme “Facing Waves” has filmed West Swedish paddling over winter, spring and summer.

Kayaking year round in Bohuslän

Paddling in the winter and spring, outside the peak seasons, takes you closer to the real Bohuslän and lets you enjoy its true nature. Enjoy the peace and tranquillity in the archipelago and to have the waters around the islands almost to yourself.

Unique kayaking in Bohuslän

Bohuslän is one of the world's best coastlines to discover from a kayak. From the Gothenburg Archipelago in the south to the Koster Islands in the north, Bohuslän offers magnificent kayaking experiences.

Kosterhavet National Park

The Koster Sea and islands off the coast in northern Bohuslän make up the Kosterhavet National Park, Sweden’s very first marine national park.

Canoeing in Dalsland

What is so special about paddling in Dalsland? One could maybe call it “wilderness light”. In Dalsland you as a canoeist have the opportunity to experience nature close-up, wild and genuine. Feel like an adventurer, find serenity and experience privacy even though you are only 180 kilometers from Gothenburg and the...


Bootshaus offers canoe and kayak rentals and scenic accommodation right next to the Dalsland Canal in Bengtsfors, in the wonderful forests of Dalsland.

Silverlake Camping and Canoeing

At Silverlake Camping you can enjoy the wild and beautiful landscapes of Dalsland in a different, exciting way. Experience the true peace and quiet of the...

Naven Outdoor Experience

Naven Outdoor Experience offers paddling adventures all year round from Naven and Läckö Castle, from where you can paddle further into the Eken Archipelago....

The freedom to roam

Here in Sweden you have the freedom to roam nature. And, like the most important things in life, it is for free. Just respect the flora and fauna and leave it...

Explore the nature in West Sweden

If you're looking for exciting nature experiences, West Sweden is the right place. You have Dalsland - the wilderness region closest to central Europe, the unique Bohuslän archipelago with its beautiful smooth granite shoreline against the open horizon, and the scenic plains, hills and forests of Västergötland.