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Step aboard a beautiful wooden boat bound for Smögen

For almost a century, Zitabåtarna has operated a boat service between Kungshamn and Smögen using beautiful oak gigs. This long-established family-owned company is now into the fourth generation of skippers. Accompany on a classic journey to the idyllic coastal community of Smögen, or book your own charter trip and discover even more of the Bohuslän Archipelago.

From morning til late evening

During the summer, the boats depart from the harbour at Kungshamn, bound for the jetty at Smögen. They leave every 30 minutes or so, from morning til late evening. The company operates three vessels: Zita af Kungshamn, Zita III and Zita V. They are all traditional boats, built from oak on the island of Orust, and can carry more than 100 passengers. Outside the peak season, departures are less frequent. Here you can read the Boat Schedule!

Photographer: Åsa Dahlgren

Charter trips

Would you like to take your family and friends on an excursion to one of the nearby islands? Are you planning a trip in the archipelago to mark a special occasion, as part of a wedding celebration, or simply to enjoy yourselves? Zitabåtarna offers vessels for charter, and would be more than happy to tailor your trip to suit your wishes exactly. During late summer and autumn you can charter a makerel or lobster fishing trip.

Photographer: Sotenäs Turism

Boat trips with a long history

Back in 1927, Karl Allan Karlsson set up his taxi boat business in Kungshamn. When he started, he mostly transported fish, although over the years tourism gradually became the main source of income. The vessels are in the water all year round to prevent the wood from drying out and splitting. Wooden vessels nevertheless require quite a lot of work, and once or twice a year they are taken out of the water for inspection and maintenance.


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