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Photographer: Tobias Olsson @shauto.se

Riding your bike on a lovely sunny day and seeing nature is a great activity! In Tibro there a several beautiful biketrails you can ride, in town, by the water or in the forest - the choice is yours!

Örlen runt 
46 km, the longest biketrail in Tibro is around lake Örlen. The trail is mostly flat and gives you great views along the way.

31 km, a trail through the forest with beatuiful views.

20 km, a trail from Tibro center to Örlenbadet, the big beach at lake Örlen.

Rankås mountainbike trail
Several trails for mountanbiking with technical challenges. Choose from 700 meters, 2,75 km and 4,1 km.

Tibro center
8,2 km, Cycle around the city center, an easy trail.

Tibro center
12 km, a tour that focuses on architecture and Tibro's furniture history. An easy trail.

A healthy trail that is perfect for every day excercise.

29 km, a trail consisting of two shorter trails. 

19 km, along the stream Tidan.

29 km, beautiful trail mostly on old dirt roads.