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Photographer: Tobias Olsson

Tibro Glasverkstad

Explore the art of glassblowing, try it or buy beautiful glass and presents

Tibro glasverkstad is located in the old train station, open all year round you can buy beautiful glass made right here in Tibro. You can also try blowing your own glass!

Glassblowing is 2000 years old and here you can try for yourself! Gather friends and family and spend a day in the creative space. You'll be guided by the glassblowers and offcourse bring you piece back home.

Photographer: Charlotte Jernbom

If you want to buy glass blown by proffesionals you can check out their shop, here you'll find drinking glasses, bowls, vases and a lot more. They also sell jewlery, interior decor and presents from swedish brands. 

Contact information

Tibro Glasverkstad

Allén 10

54330 Tibro

Phone: +46707453344

E-mail: Send e-mail

Website: tibroglasverkstad.se