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Hömbs kyrkby

Hömbs kyrkby or Hömb's Church Village: An Idyllic and Well-Preserved Row Village

Along the village street in Hömb, on both sides, you'll find the low, red wooden houses, sometimes with grass-covered roofs and shaded by old trees. Hömb's church village is a collection of cottages that originally served as housing for employees of Kavlås Castle.

Worker Housing

The small village street in Hömb stretches from Kavlås Castle to Hömb's Church. The small cottages in Hömb's church village date back to the 1600s and were originally grouped around the church, with origins dating to the early Middle Ages. However, they were moved to their current location along the village street in the early 1800s. The purpose of these cottages was to provide housing for employees and former employees of Kavlås Castle.

The "Luffarstuga"

The only cottage that remains in its original location, opposite the church, is the so-called "Luffarstugan" or "Tramp's Cottage." Originally, the Luffarstuga served as a poorhouse but was used as lodging for traveling individuals during the early 1900s.

Ancient Fields

North of the village, you'll find beautiful pastures with rich fauna and flora. There are also terraced ancient fields and areas with clearance cairns.

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Hömbs kyrkby


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