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Lilla Havssjön

Paradise for Swimming at Hökensås

At Hökensås nature reserve, you can find many lakes. One of them is the bathing and fishing lake, Lilla Havssjön, which is one of the most visited bathing spots in the Tidaholm municipality during the summer. Here, you'll find piers and a diving tower for the brave.

Naturally Beautiful Bathing Spot

The bathing spot, Lilla Havssjön, is beautifully situated in the scenic Hökensås nature reserve.
Here, you can swim and sunbathe with the whole family. You can choose between sandy and grassy shores. An H-shaped boundary formed by a pier allows even younger children to swim.
Several piers make it easy to access the water without feeling crowded. There is a diving tower at the end of the longest pier, challenging the adventurous to make more or less graceful dives into the water. There are outdoor toilets and a barbecue area on the premises.

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Lilla Havssjön


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