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  • Photographer: Eveline Johnsson

Winter on the Varaslätten plain

When winter comes around, it brings possibilities of glorious days out of doors! Whether the sun shines and sparkles on the snow or the sky is grey with damp in the air, there is so much to do outdoors in Vara and the surrounding area. Pack a picnic in your rucksack, wrap up warm and take a trip out, go skiing or sledging! Stop at a barbecue area and warm your hands over the fire for a while.

Barbecue areas on the Varaslätten plain

Many of the barbecue areas in Vara and the surrounding area can be found near the various bathing areas. These include:

  • Arentorps badsjö in Arentorp.
  • Badplats femöringen in Edsvära, service area along route 47 towards Falköping.
  • Dönstorpsbadet in Skarstad.
  • Jämnesjön lake between Bitterna and Lekåsa.
  • Olstorps badsjö in Kvänum.
  • Tråvadsbadet in Tråvad.

Additional barbecue areas are located at: