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Främmestad Folk museum

A lush historical place next to Nossan.

A wonderful place with old buildings and furnishings, beautifully embedded amongst the green beach nearby Nossan. The buildings stands as a memory over our fathers, whom by industrious and hard work laid the foundation for our wellbeing today. The folk museum is administered by Främmestad's folk museum association.

A lively folk museum

Främmestad's folk museum association was founded the 22nd January 1975 by the initiative of Gustav Olsson, Olle Granlund and Lennart Lundin. The motive for the initiative was, that the old daytime workshop at Främmestad's  possesion was in a miserable shape and it was about time someone did something in order to save the treasure. Today, the association has got a fine folk museum in connection to Främmestad's possesion next to the beach of Nossan.

Dagsverksstugan is a dovetailed two-floor building which is more than 200 years old with a formula clock in its tower on the ridgepole. Forngården is included as a beautiful and appealing picture amongst the houses at the Folk Museum.  Tegelhuset  is built in the 1870s and raised in bricks from the estates' own brickyard. The main usage of the house has been as accommodation for farmers working at the mansion. Gårdssmedjan  is a brick-building from the 1870s and later on extended with a wooden carpentry workshop.

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Främmestad Hembygsförening, ordf. Tage Brolin


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