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Stallaholm´s activity area

Family-friendly activity area

Active Stallaholm was inaugurated in June 2017 and was then a long-awaited place for the residents of Essunga to socialize and engage in activities.

At Stallaholm's activity area by Nossebro swimming & camping, there are outdoor gyms, obstacle courses, barbecue areas, and seating. There are also Wi-Fi access points and charging stations available. Here at Active Stallaholm, you can exercise, hang out, play, or perhaps barbecue and enjoy some homemade food? It's entirely up to each individual what they feel like doing at the activity area.

There is also a beach volleyball court at the beachwalk of Active Stallaholm. The net is up all the time, and if you don't have your own ball, you can rent one at Nossebro swimming & camping.

There is also a ping pong table for those who fancy a ping pong match or maybe a round of round ping pong.

What is an outdoor gym?

Well, an outdoor gym increases the opportunity for the public to be active. Here, you can train for free and at any time. Plus, you're simultaneously outdoors in nature and breathing fresh air. Pretty great, right?!

Download an overview map of Stallaholm's Activity Area and nearby hiking trails here.

Contact information

Essunga Kommun

Sturegatan 4

465 82 Nossebro

Phone: +46 512 570 00

E-mail: kommun@essunga.se

Website: essunga.se/