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    Welcome to Dalsland


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    Welcome to Dalsland


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    Historic surroundings


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    Exciting activities


Dalsland top 10

Of course, Dalsland has a lot to offer, but there are some things that you should not miss when you are here. To help you we have listed ten things to visit which we think is too good to miss...

Hike on Dalsland's Pilgrim trail


We really can’t repeat it often enough: Dalsland is Sweden’s most lake-rich region. 11 % of the province’s surface is covered by water. This is obvious of course when it comes to accommodation as there is no problem to find a hotel room with a lake view.

Things to see and do

Dalslands outdoor pursuits never end. The landscape is small in size but between Lake Vänern’s unbroken horizon, Norway’s mountains, Värmland’s forests, the cliffs of Bohuslän and Västergötland’s culture there is a whole universe of variation.

The Dalsland Canal

A tour on the Dalsland canal takes you to the heart of the most lake-rich landscape in Sweden. The canal has over the years transformed from a transport route to a much visited tourist attraction. It was only necessary to excavate 12km in order to connect large and small lakes and create a 250 kilometer long picturesque canal.

Events in Dalsland

Dalsland is teeming with events and during the summer months there is such a wide variety of activities it sometimes seems hard to choose. Choose from markets, music events, shows and theater performances, dances, festivals, exhibitions of vintage vehicles, motor interested gettogethers, auctions & car boot sales and much more.

Eat & Drink in Dalsland

Authentic food in an authentic setting. The Dalsland cuisine has a lot to offer. It would be strange otherwise given the abundance of local produce from the lakes, meadows and forests that our chefs have access to.

Big and beautiful like the sea

Lake Vänern

Lake Vänern is not just the third largest lake in Europe but also a powerful inland sea with many contrasts and expansive views ending in the horizon where sky meets sea.


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