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Photographer: Emin Jakupi

Alingsås Cultural Center

A lot of culture under one roof

The Culture House consists of Alingsås Museum, Alingsås Art Hall and Alingsås Library. Here you can create, have a coffebreak, experience, meet people, - or have a restful time.

Alingsås museum

Alingsås Museum is one part of Alingsås Cultural centre. We are a historical museum, but we also want to say something about the present, the future and the alingsås - about you and your life. We believe that all people have an interesting story to share.

Alingsås Art Hall

Alingsås Art Hall wants to be an arena in Alingsås for creative experiences and critical thinking. Here we work to increase interest in and knowledge of contemporary art. Here you will experience contemporary art by both local, national and international artists.

Library Alingsås

Library wants to give its visitors a wide range of reading experiences, to support all types of studies, as well as reflect both the past and present community debate and opinions.

Contact information

Alingsås Kulturhus

Södra Ringgatan 3

441 30 Alingsås

Phone: +46 322616090

Website: alingsaskulturhus.se