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fikavandring i juletid

Photographer: Emil Fagander

Guided Tours in Alingsås

  • Alingsås Tourist Information

Get the most of your stay in Alingsås by taking part in a guided tour. Our guides have long experience and excellent local knowledge. We can offer guided tours in English and German.

Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Guided Fika Tour 

During an hour and a half, we visit five cafés where we at each stop sample goodies commonly associated with the traditional Swedish fika. This can include anything from local coffee and tea varieties, cinnamon buns, cookies, chocolate truffles and pastries, to the new Swedish fika-trend with dried fruit, nuts, cheese and jam. The tour will then finish with a sitdown fika and a slice of the infamous and very delicious Princess Cake.

Our experienced guide will accompany you throughout – talking about how coffee and tea came to Sweden and how the strong Swedish fika-culture developed over time. You will also learn the history behind the local cafés and bakeries, combined with a few entertaining café stories. The guide will speak both Swedish and English.

For booking: turistinfo@alingsas.se



Photographer: Patrik Gunnar Helin

Lights in Alingsås 

To make the best of your experience of Lights in Alingsås, we recommend you to take a guided tour. Following the designated route through the city, you get the rare opportunity to experience top quality examples of architectural lighting in public areas with an experienced Lights-guide who will tell you the story behind each light-installation.

For booking: https://www.lightsinalingsas.se/en/plan-your-visit/