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Photographer: Robert Persson

Steamboat "Herbert"

Take a boat ride on lake Mjörn a sunny summerday

To ride with S/S Herbert on a beautiful summer day is a must for the locals in Alingsås. Herbert was built as a tugboat in 1905 as and now serves as a charter ship on lake Mjörn.

Join the Steamboat Herbert for a ride
Herbert is a tugboat, built in 1905, from a epoque where waterways were used for transprots. With her well preserved original machinery, Herbert repsresents a piece of highly interesting technical history.
Mjörn steamer compound is a non-profit association with the aim of managing the tradition of steamboat traffic on Lake Mjörn. The association owns and manages Herbert.
Herbert is K-marked by the Swedish Maritime History Museums and classified as a traditional ship. During summer, she transports tourists and others on the biggest lake in Alingsås, Mjörn.
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Lövekullevägen 13

44144 Alingsås

Phone: +46 322 10072

Website: herberts.se