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Photographer: Tobias Andersson

Cross-country tracks and track status

Opening hours of the cross-country skiing trails:

Monday - Sunday from 06.00 - 22.00, based on snow availability and weather. 

ATTENTION! No skiing outside opening hours as it can pose a great danger to you as a skier due to possible trail preparation.


🟢= Track open
🔴= Track closed

After the track name there are squares in different colors, they show when the track was last prepared:

🟩 Green 0-12 hours ago
🟦 Blue 12-24 hours ago
🟨 Yellow 24-48 hours ago
🟥 Red track closed
More information about the track is available when you click on each track. Only in swedish!
There you can see the length, degree of difficulty (easy, medium or difficult) and get a description of the trail if it is hilly, technical or physically demanding and so on.
(Konstsnö) = (artifical snow)