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  • Photographer: Lars Brander

Events along the Dalsland Canal

The Dalsland canal runs through two regions and of course there are many events to visit throughout the year, with an overweight during the summer of course!


The Dalsland canal starts in Köpmannebro and goes all the way up to Lake Lelång and Stora Le. You pass the municipalities of Mellerud, Åmål, Bengtsfors and Dals-Ed on your way north.

There are usually sing-along evenings, festivals, walking tours, pilgrim pop and much more!

You can find the events in this part of the canal here!

Årjäng / Southern Värmland

When you get a little further north in the canal in the lakes Stora Le, Lelång and Foxen you have crossed the county border and go from Dalsland in Västra Götaland to Årjäng municipality in Värmland.

Here you can, among other things, visit Årjängstravet, go on lock jazz or yarn dyeing courses!

You can find the events in the Årjäng area here!