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The Dalsland Canal

Through Dalsland and southern Värmland

Photographer: Roger Borgelid, westsweden.com

Considered one of the most beautiful waterways in Europe

In front of you is 253 km of fairway through a large scenic lake system that forms the Dalsland canal, from Köpmannebro in the south to Östervallsskog in the north. Welcome to the area with the most lakes in Sweden. A labyrinth of large and small lakes, rivers and idyllic, winding canal stretches. Only 12 km is dug or blasted canal. The rest is 240 km long navigable lake system without crowding - just beautiful nature.


Opening hours in 2023
May 29th - August 27th 
The lock in Gustavsfors will be closed on 27.8.2023 due to strong flows!

Peak Season
June 5th – August 20st

Pre-season: May 29st - June 4th
Post-season: August 21nd – August 27th

Tickets and prices

Buy your tickets online and travel on the Dalsland canal more easily. The ticket is sent to you by e-mail and can be printed out or be displayed on screen.

The tickets for 2023 are available right now.

Safety precautions due to high flowing water in the canal

The extensive rainfall has brought strong flowing water in several places along the Dalsland canal. The following measures have been taken to guarantee the safety in the canal:

Töcksfors lock
Both locks in Töcksfors will be kept closed until the situation normalizes. Lock guard is on site to help and inform.

Buterud lock
We advise canoeists not to go through Buterud lock and boats going south are advised to have clear speed at the entrance to Buterud lock station.

This has also affected the routes of the tour boats, which can lead to queues, especially in Håverud and Dals Långed.

Other locks and passages are currently not affected and can be used as usual.

Skipper´s guide auf Deutsch

A journey through time

The history of the Dalsland canal is a story of the will of the people, a crazy genius and how the future came a little too fast. A travel on the canal is a journey through 200 years of dreams and visions for a better future.

The aqueduct in Håverud

A crazy idea that came true. The aqueduct and the lock stairs in Håverud is one of Dalsland's most visited sights and a fine piece of history.

See & Do

The area is known for its beautiful nature and its rich cultural life. Arts and crafts play an important role in the area and those interested in culture will find many must-see attractions in the form of museums, exhibitions and craft shops.

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