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Photographer: Visit Årjäng

A short hike in Blomskog

An about 3 kilometer hike between Borgåsgubben and Stenkäringen in Blomskog

A very nice walk from Ekeby camping to the near by mountain were you can se Borgåsgubben (the Borgås man).

Borgåsgubben was probably built during the Great Nordic War in the early 1700s, but may be much older. Borgåsgubben is located almost 190 meters above sea level and 100 meters above lake Västra Silen.


Stenkärringen (the stone lady) on Källte'kuel was built in the autumn of 1999 by some Blomskog residents as a memorial to the turn of the millennium. Källte´kuel is located 185 meters above sea level.

The distance between Borgåsgubben and Stenkärringen is just over 1 km of bird's eye view in a north-south direction.

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