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  • Photographer: Ramona Örqvist


Learn all about the life and works of Gustaf Dalén, Nobel prize winner

Dalénmuseet is a modern experience museum in the heart of West Sweden which illustrates the life story of Gustaf Dalén. His cutting appliance, sun-valve and gas mantle changer are only a few examples of products that made the Nobel prize winner Gustaf Dalén world famous as an inventor. His revolutionary inventions within the area of lighthouses and buoys have saved the lives of countless seafarers over the years.

Modern audio-visual show

When you walk into the Dalénmuseet, you go straight into a model of Gustaf Dalén’s childhood home with a realistic wax figure of Dalén, sitting in his office. The museum has a professional exhibition section with an audio-visual show, where you learn about Gustaf Dalén’s life. You can even hear him talking on a radio recording. There is a video presentation of Dalén’s life in the authentic cinema from the 1930s.

  • Photographer: Roland Nilsson

  • Photographer: Roland Nilsson

  • Photographer: Roland Nilsson

Historic inventions

The exhibitions show the many results of Gustaf Dalén’s inventiveness, such as the AGA car and cooker, film projectors, radios and televisions, incubators, measuring equipment and a heart-lung respirator - and a lot more besides. Join a guided tour to find out more about Gustaf Dalén’s childhood in Stenstorp, his inventions and the explosion which took away his sight but not his inventiveness.

Contact information



52161 Stenstorp

Phone: +46 500 45 71 65

E-mail: info@dalenmuseet.se

Website: dalenmuseet.se