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Photographer: Falköpings kommun

Falbygdens Museum, Falköping

Experience a tour through thousands of years of regoinal history

Se lots of unique ancient objects, including the skeleton of a 9 000 year old domestic dog, the young girl who was sacrificed to the gods, and a copy of the impressive gold collar from Ålleberg. Local history from ancient times until today.

Travel 1000 years back in time

Follow the development of Falbygden's history with the exhibition "...and a thousand years to". It inspires and attracts excursions in the fantastic cultural landscape that Falbygden makes up. In the Children's Museum there is a creative corner with clothes from different eras to try on and a trade stall where you can play shop.
During the year, temporary exhibitions with associated programs are also shown.


Museum shop

There is also a small museum shop with postcards, a large selection of local history literature, jewelery and products linked to the museum's exhibitions.


Contact information

Falbygdens Museum

S:t Olofsgatan 23 A

52181 Falköping

Phone: +46 515 88 50 50

E-mail: museet@falkoping.se

Website: falkoping.se/museet