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  • Photographer: Tuana Fridén

Islanna Tree House Hotel

Spend the night in the treetops

Deep in the heart of nature, with the distinctive sound of the migrating cranes at Lake Hornborga echoing in the distance, is Islanna Treehouse Hotel. Spend the night 6.5 metres up among the branches of magnificent oak trees. Embedded in the foliage, you will have no problem falling asleep. Allow the breeze to rock you gently, serenading you as you doze. In the morning, a breakfast basket will be hoisted up, and you can start off your day sitting on the balcony, looking out over an amazing landscape.

A fairy-tale location – between heaven and earth

Not even in their wildest dreams could Anne-Charlotte and Bo Ottosson have imagined that so many people would want to spend the night perched in a tree. Their vision of creating a hotel nestling in the oak trees led to the creation of two treehouses: Andrum (Breathing Space) and Sjunde Himlen (Seventh Heaven). Deriving inspiration from late 19th century buildings, this fairy-tale hotel offers its guests the opportunity to combine sublime serenity with a touch of adrenaline. You are, after all, sleeping 6.5 metres above the ground!

Organic delights

When you arrive at Islanna, you will find the rooms in the treehouses are beautifully decorated, and with crisp, fresh sheets on the bed. You will also find fruit, chocolate and a small bottle of bubbly to make you even more welcome. In the morning, the breakfast basket will be hoisted up, filled with organic delights and fresh, hearth-baked bread. Organic horticulture has been a consistent feature at Islanna from the very beginning back in 1983.

  • Photographer: Tuana Fridén

  • Photographer: Tuana Fridén

  • Photographer: Tuana Fridén

  • Photographer: Gerth Bragnå

  • Photographer: Tuana Fridén

  • Photographer: Tuana Fridén

  • Photographer: Tuana Fridén

See the cranes dance in the springtime

During the spring at Lake Hornborga, one of the most important birdlife lakes in Europe and close to the Treehouse Hotel, you can see thousands of cranes dancing playfully.

Contact information

Islanna Trädhushotell


521 94 Falköping

Phone: +46730 62 33 19

Website: islanna.com/?lang=en