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A path in the woods.

Photographer: Falköpings kommun

Nature reserves on Mösseberg

Mösseberg is home to a number of nature reserves, with varied and dramatic scenery such as spectacular rocky slopes, ravines, fens, alvar landscapes and hillsides of broad-leaved woodland. You will also find a wonderful variety of beautiful flowers and plants.

Gröna mad

This reserve is made up of woodland and wetland, offering varied and attractive landscapes. Adjacent to the bird observation tower at Gröna mad reserve is a fine wetland meadow where marsh orchids grow. A short boardwalk path runs from the Burmastigen trail out to a bird observation tower. There is also a barbecue area and wilderness shelter within the reserve. The reserve can be reached via the paths and trails running from the service centre, primarily the Burmastigen trail, or from the road between Bredablick and Vilske-Kleva.


Bestorp nature reserve is located on the southern slopes of Mösseberg and also takes in part of the plateau. The reserve boasts very rich flora, with numerous rare species. This is largely due to the lime-rich bedrock and the fact that the area has long been managed by means of grazing and haymaking. Its slopes are home to wild cherry, maple, oak, ash and elm. Common hepatica, herb Paris and rare species such as baneberry, giant bellflower and broad-leaved violet also grow on the hillside. There is an abundance of birdlife here, including a number of unusual species like hawfinch and common rosefinch.


Vråhålan is a wedge-shaped ravine. The area is a mix of broad-leaved woodland, dense swamp forest, fens, dramatic rockfaces, deep rocky gorges and, not forgetting, wonderful views. Up on the Mösseberg plateau is a well-known viewpoint, from where views over a large part of southern Falbygden can be enjoyed. Much of the rest of the reserve is hard-to-access terrain. 


Healedet is west of Mösseberg on the limestone plateau. The terrain is flat and the area sits on the boundary of the alvar landscape that, in Sweden, is found only on Gotland, Öland and in the Västergötland plateau mountains.  

Healedet is one of the most valuable areas of alvar-type natural pasture in the Västergötland plateau mountains. There is a huge variety of flora, including plants such as dropwort, bloody cranesbill, Irish fleabane, meadow oat-grass and cowslip. Two sites with ancient remains lie within the reserve. The northern site comprises a stone mound and the remains of a stone circle, while to the south is a grave field with around 15 ancient remains, including a stone circle and several stone mounds.

The nature reserve is easily accessible. The area is fenced and there may be grazing livestock, but a cattle grid has been installed. There is an adjacent car park. 

Mössebergs östsluttning

The sheer slopes of Mösseberg are home to broad-leaved woodland with an abundance of species typical of the Västergötland plateau mountains. The nature reserve is made up of ash, elm, maple, lime and oak, among others. You may also spot hazel, alpine currant and fly honeysuckle. Common hepatica and wood anemone blooming here in spring make an attractive sight. Lady’s slipper is an orchid that can also be found here. There are several trails, paths and viewpoints throughout the reserve.


One especially interesting feature of Jättenekärret is the abundance of narrow-leaved marsh orchids. This is a type with spotted leaves that is found in a few places in extreme-rich fen in Västergötland. Other plants you may see in the fen landscape include bird’s eye primrose, glaucous sedge, fly orchid, common spotted orchid and marsh helleborine.

The purpose of the reserve is primarily scientific, but there is a small path in order to facilitate access for visitors and to conduct nature studies. A car park for a maximum of five cars can be found south of the reserve along the road to Hallan.