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Activities along the canal

  • 06 Apr, 2016

Karlsborg has many exciting points of interests along the canal – all worthy of a visit. Here you can find historical places, great food and a lot more.

Karlsborgs fortress

Along the beach of Vättern you see Karlsborgs fortress – This gigantic constructional work that started in the early 19th-century so it, during a time of distraught, could be used as a spare capital. The construction of the fortress, initiated by the constructional engineer Baltzar von Platen, was ongoing between 1819-1909 and was an important part in the central defense plan that was planned for the time. 

Today’s fortress is a place for the whole family to visit and within the ramparts the society is still flourishing. Visit shops and coffee shops, the museum and the beautiful Garrison Church, or try one of the guided tours. You can choose between the historical adventure tour or the gold rush.

Forsvik – Historical industrial environment by Göta Canal

Forsvik is a living industrial-historical place with history all the way from the medieval ages and many interesting places and unique buildings. Visit the workshop and see Forsviks history as Skaraborgs oldest workshop and take part in guided tours and exhibits that tell us about the history of the place, the production, and the people.

In Forsvik you can also find Göta Canals oldest and deepest floodgate from 1813 together with the paddle-steamer Eric Nordevall II and her home port.

Miniature golf in Karlsborg

Close to the canal in Karlsborg you can find an exciting 18-hole course of miniature golf. 

The course has a local touch with buildings from Karlsborg, some with special effects. 

The course has a beautiful view and is close to the Canal and the canal bridge.

Remember to visit Café Alvia or enjoy an ice cream from the ice cream bar by the miniature golf.

Café Alvia

By Göta Canal in Karlsborg you find Café Alvia, which brings relaxation in the form of coffee shop, ice cream bar, and miniature golf. The coffee shop offers, except coffee, pastries and smaller lunch offers, both warm and cold.

In the ice cream bar they serve delicious ice cream creations.

The miniature golf course is there for those that like activity and want to challenge their friends and family.

There is a small corner with gifts made by Swedish artists.

A big open room is connected to the coffee shop for bigger groups like bus tours, parties, and more. Here they have different activities throughout the year!

Idas brygga

At it’s amazing location right by Göta Canal, Ida’s brygga offers a lakeside living. Stay in the Skepparhus and enjoy the beautiful view, or stay in Idas Strandgård and see the sunset over Bottensjön, only a step away from your room.

 Enjoy the great food

From our restaurant, that’s located in the canal house, you can see the boats passing by in the canal. We offer fresh ingredients and good flavors. That’s why you need to visit Idas brygga. You are in for a real taste experience.


The Kanalhotell is located right by Göta Canal with walking distance to Karlsborg’s fortress.

The hotel, which was established in 1894, is built in a Swiss style and is richly embellished. The Kanalhotell is run by the fourth generation in the family Axelsson, who like the earlier generations put their mark on the hotel’s atmosphere. Stay here and relax to a historical place, but with all the modern comforts within reach. We hope you, as a guest, will enjoy your time here, with the atmosphere and the authentic environment that we care for and trying to keep.


Snack bar/Take away – here you find tables outside and a big collection right by the canal.

Sometimes hotdogs and mashed potatoes or hamburgers taste extra good. Kanalkiosken spice the food up and makes their own mashed potatoes from their own recipe.

Enjoy your meal and see the people around the canal. Right to sell beer and wine.