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Photographer: Ylva Ågesjö

Peninsula of Vanäs

The Peninsula of Vanäs - a wonderful environment

The peninsula of Vanäs is beautifully located in Lake Vättern and constitutes the place that the fortress of Karlsborg rests on. Here you can find many interesting environments, historical buildings and wonderful nature. Except for the fortress you can also find the lighthouse of Vanäs, the old garrison hospital, the Kings villa, the Stone Bridge and the Engineer Park.

From a walking trail around the peninsula you will find a really nice view over lake Vättern, which is a magnificent element among the lakes nearby. Here you can experience the second largest lake in Sweden, sometimes wild and unsettled, sometimes calm and breathless.

The park at the peninsula of Vanäs consists about 60 different kinds of trees and bushes. Some of them are grown from the vegetation nearby, but most of them are planted there by hand and constitutes some rare species. Now they seem to have settled in the nature around and inside the fortress area and consists to spread and grow.