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  • Photographer: Kajsas web

Braxmaviken Gård

Staying by the lakeside

There are many great natural activities to do at Braxmaviken Gård by lake Viken, such as fishing, hunting, potting crayfish and foraging for berries and mushrooms. The lake has many small islands and coves and is surrounded by magical, mysterious forests. You can stay in a lakeside house, a few steps from the cultural and historical industrial community of Forsvik, in Karlsborg municipality.

Different options for accommodation

On Braxmaviken Gård you can choose between three different accommodation options, all of which have modern equipment and are adapted for self-catering. The boathouse and the stable house both have four beds and are right next to the waterline, where there are also boats you can borrow. If you have a large group looking for accommodation, there is also a guest section in the main building that is available for bookings.

  • Photographer: Jonas Ingman

  • Photographer: Kajsas web

  • Photographer: Jonas Ingman

  • Photographer: Kajsas web

Fishing in lake Viken

Braxmaviken Gård is on the southernmost tip of lake Viken close to Göta canal in West Sweden. The lake is famous for its large pike and perch, but there are also zander, roach and other whitefish. You can fish all year round in lake Viken. Pike fishing is best in the spring and autumn, perch and zander during the summer, and float fishing too in the summer months. When the lake freezes over in the winter you can try out jig-fishing and ice fishing.

Crayfish and hunting

Braxmaviken Gård offers crayfish potting in August. You can also come along and hunt for moose, deer, boar and beaver. Bird life around the lake is very rich and includes ospreys, heron, divers and other sea birds. Foraging for berries and mushrooms is always worthwhile, as well as being a great pleasure. Rent a canoe or a bicycle and explore the area - it would be a shame not to!

Contact information

Braxmaviken Gård

54692 Mölltorp

Phone: +46 706 32 10 33

E-mail: info@braxen.se

Website: braxen.se/?lang=en