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Photographer: Pavel Koubek

Go Fishing in Tiveden

  • 07 Apr, 2016

In Tivedens magical nature you find many beautiful small lakes, or "tärnar" as they are called in Tiveden. a number of them offer game fishing, and exciting adventure in the gorgeous nature.

There is a total of 8 lakes in the magical forest. Hökensås Sportfiske AB takes care and plant trout in the lakes. It is mandatory to have a fishing license in all of these lakes, in the list bellow you find information on where you can buy fishing licenses. 

The lakes in the area is divided in two areas - North and South Tiveden. 

North Tiveden: Sörgårds Begsjö, Nödre- and Mellre Fisklösen. These lakes you find between Vitsand by Stora Trehörningen and Tivedstorp in Laxå county. 

South Tiveden: Ottersjön, Kvarnsjön, Bergsjön, Hanesjön, and Djärknesjön. These lakes you find a few kilometers north of Granvik in Karlsborgs county.

In this area you can also find Kroksjön which is a rental lake (company lake) which you have to pre booked at Hökensås Sportfiske AB. 

In Ottersjön, Kvarnsjön and Bergsjön you have the opportunity to rent boats. In these lakes it is allowed to fish with a floating tube. Ottersjön also have a lake handicap deck and bathrooms by the lake. 

Fishing license:
Fishing license automat in Granvik, contact Claes Roslund, 0046505-61008
Be-Ge:s Askersund, 0046583-474083
Camping Tiveden, 0046583-474083
OKQ8 Karlsborg, 0046505-44151
Olssons Fiske Mariestad, 0046501-13588
Olssons Fiske Tibro, 0046-504-13518
Hjo Sportfiske, 0046503-40333
Hjo Turistbyrå, 0046503-35255
Bastedalens Herrgård, 0046583- 770273
Tivedstorp, 0046584-472090

Link to Fishing map PDF